Monday, November 21, 2011


So it's been a few months since I did any travelling of any sort, which isn't too bad but I'm definitely feeling the wander-lust again...

Photos like this give me itchy feet. Balangan Bay Sunset. Bali, Indonesia.

It's been a tough year for a whole bunch of reasons but I also got back out to Indonesia which was great and realised I shouldn't wait too long to pack my bags again.

It's summer time, the waves are harder to sniff out with the on-shore up earlier with the sun and I've been really busy with personal stuff so Ive been shooting and surfing less than I'd like to be.

So, in remedy I am working towards some travel to keep shooting and keep me looking forward.

This weekend I am heading South with the WBBC guys to uncover some ledgy little gems (hopefully) and just soak up some good vibes from good people with a shared passion for bodyboarding.

Next week Wednesday I leave for Cape Town which is a long-anticipated journey I've wanted to take, and never got around to. I'll be down there with my girl and catching up with one of my best friends for 4 days.

Finally Ive decided on Madagascar for a two-week jaunt next year, also with my girl and Im looking forward to more tropical paradise and more importantly, something different. Indonesia has been kind to me, and hopefully I will see her again but new adventures call for now.

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