Monday, January 30, 2012

A quick shot of me...

So as you could hopefully see in my last post, the WBBC warm-up Compo was a lot of fun, taking place on a warm summers' day in really fun surf.

Since my post the following photo has come to light and it's rare for me to come across shots of myself so I'm pretty stoked. This is a little small because I pulled it off Facebook but you get the idea and I've sourced the hi-res so it's all good.

Shot by Network 9 / Duncan Harris / His lovely girlfriend

This was from my free-surf between mens' heats where I got a couple of really good ones.

Looking forward to surfing some more soon and more importantly getting back behind my cam! I missed a cracker couple of days this last weekend but I was away with my girl. There's always another day!

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