Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stu and his TBC Boards.

So not much posting going on because I haven't shot in the sea for a few weeks now, I have been manic but I will be back on it very soon!

Here are a few randoms from my last swim Stuart Bradford on his newly aquired Thiel Board Company boards:


Empty one.


It was a fun swim/morning with the boys and we got a few shots, cant hope for much more. Check out Thiel Board Co. if you're looking for a new sled, they are sick, and they're South African and lastly and most importantly they are doing HUGE things to support the local bodyboarding scene!

Otherwise on my end,  I have been at weddings, visiting Joburg for the first time and getting my house sold.
Life has been manic!

I've also picked up a new project/money-hole, a 1973 Honda CB500 Four, which I want to restore, which is going to be pretty interesting going but that's more than likely going to be another blog to deal with my other great passion, Motorcycles.

More soon!

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