Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More (Much Delayed) from the 19th of September...

So I have let this blog slide for a very long time... I am going back to Bali in 9 and a bit days time and I hope I'll have something interesting to post then so I am going to do a quick flurry of re-capping on what I've been up to in the last few (8?! Already?!) months...

These are from the very same day as my Ross Van Wyk post and it was a great days' surfing, swimming and shooting with my good friend Jonathan Pozyn.

Jono taking off and dodging the water droplet-blurs.

Calvin Bradley, a local stand-up I used to work with.

Empty little left.

Random stand-up I don't know putting it down with a VERY short-haired Paul bragason in the foreground.

Yours truly on the inside, shot by Jonathan Pozyn. I love most shots of me because I don't have a whole bunch but I really love this, it's just a very different angle.

Another random stand-up taking to the skies.

A nice little view of Moses Mabidhe

Hopefully more soon!

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