Monday, August 29, 2011

A quick flash from Bali 2011

So I had the chance to get back out to Bali again this year, and after a complicated start to the year, I had to shorten my trip and cut out the Hong Kong leg I was hoping to do after but I still had an absolute blast and I am frothing to do another trip next year!

Flights out were fun, all 28-30 hours of travelling would be worth it and I knew that, all I could hope for flying out was Air Malaysia washing their windows once in a while.

I had a week's free accomodation thanks to my good friend Neil Northey, so we rocked-out hard the first week in these fairly-luxury little bungalows. This was our pad for the first week.

My room, sharing with Neil Gossip, light, airy and basically everything you need,

Our pool was a life-saver bewteen surfs and pretty good to look at the few nights we just chilled after long days' adventuring around the island.

Sunset surf out at Balangan which is out front of the Bungalow, this was also the only session I shot with the housing. I didn't get any really amazing shots but it was fun all the same.

Our Aussie, come Honkers (Hong Kong) expat Dale, getting some backlit love in the sunset.

Random stand-up getting the same.

Dale looking West.

The pools/cave at Ulu's the next afternoon, if you've been, yuou know, if you haven't, you should.

Sunset at Ulus, looking good, I wanted to stay out til dark but shallow reef and more tenacious crowds meant I came in for a beer and some scenery.

The crew soaking it all up.

This is a very short re-cap of a very short trip... Maybe I'll get around to posting some more but I didn't shoot nearly enough and I definitely didnt get enough out of my housing after lugging it around the world but that was my fault.

Hopefully more soon.

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