Wednesday, September 7, 2011


There really is something transcendental about barrels, the subject has been done to death.
It is a subject universal to wave-riders and general lovers of the ocean which allows people like Clark Little to make a living playing in the ocean, taking photos.

Suffice it to say I love barrels, and more specifically being inside them, close-outs or perfect reeling in-and-outs I like the view when I'm sliding around on my belly and it shows when I shoot and I wander away from the crowd to shoot empty little barels.

Here are two such little barrels I shot last week (August 25th) before work, and I have some more from yesterday morning which I'll share soon.



I like the golden colour the reflections and early morning light have created here, it reminds me of countless early morning missions with my friends to find some of the very same.

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