Thursday, September 8, 2011

From the Archives: October 9th 2010

So digging through my archives, I found a heap of photos from this day in October last year, it was such a good day with a great crew of guys on it!

After a jump off the rock-shelf (no sand out front), nearly getting washed back on to it for a while, and a very long swim against the wash I found myself in position to snap a few. It was challenging though, the wash kept pulling me off and there was nowhere to stand so I tread water for close on 3 hours and then had to drift a few hundred metres down the beach to come in!

It was also rewarding though, I tried out some new settings, gambling because it really was good and it paid off a little, this was the weekend of my birthday and this surf set the tone for a great weekend with the boys!

Dane turning off the top. 
Brad getting one, I wish I'd got more of him this day. 
Dane on the knee. 
Dane getting a sick little one. 
Dane getting deep. 
Dane again.

I still to this day don't know why Dane let this one go unridden!
I absolutely love this photo as is but I have a 10 or 12 shot sequence of this thing barreling straight at me!

Chris Riding the foam-ball.

Empty pit.

Chris driving through, he made it out in the spit and tore his board a little on my housing. 

Dane scooping.

After picking these out I think this may have to be renamed Dane's day! He did put it down this day and I know we were all stoked to check the photos afterwards because it was one of the first few times I'd shot!
Good times!

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