Monday, September 12, 2011

WBBC - Fundraiser

So yesterday morning I got up early again, just a little broken from an awesome night out, and got a lift down South for a Warner Beach Bodyboarding Club fundraiser and social comp.

I met the guys in the water in town last week and have since been chatting to them a bit and generally feeding off of their stoke and vibes.

It has seemed to me that whilst bodyboarding in town has been dominating when there's some swell, the brotherhood and community I remember from my younger days is all but gone so it's great meeting guys who are putting back in to something I (we) love, and getting everyone so very amped.

It was small for the comp, but I saw some fun ones come through and whilst I didn't get any cracker shots, I'm looking forward to mixing it up, travelling some and shooting everyone again soon!

There a quite a few photos here, and I'm pretty bad with names but it'll get better with some time I'm sure!

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