Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Surf-City from in the Water

Here's a real quick shot with which I'm probably happier than I should be:

Nice little peak in town, Saturday morning.

This photo could have been a real winner (along with a few others) if I'd not been dicking around with slower shutter speeds playing with motion-blur etc, it's just a great moment as the lip is about to touch down...

Other than that I have been hard at work this past weekend, shooting North Beach on Saturday, and then outside Far Bowl on Sunday for the CKZN Bodyboarding Trials (The first of 5)  
 Then backing that up with some processing and uploads to my Facebook Page and a few random stand-up shots to Shot Bru as well and then last but 100% not least I have submitted a few shots gathered since I picked up my new set-up to Sixty40 for consideration for the upcoming issue of their online magazine.

Lots of work but I'm loving getting involved!

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