Friday, March 16, 2012

Surf-City, South Africa

So I often get asked if I shoot anything besides bodyboarding and surfing, and the answer is simply, nowhere near as much as I'd like.

One of the things I do like to shoot when I get the chance are panoramas, basically a few images stitched together in a photo-editing suite of your choice to give a wider view of your subject matter.
These are often really effective with landscapes and I have a few choice ones from trips away and hikes, but mine are more often City-scapes and I'm usually pleased with the results.

Here's a quick one from this past Sunday morning,and it's from the pier down in front of uShaka Marine World. The white water is a little rough if you notice it but I haven't worked at sorting it out just yet, I've been far too busy processing surfing shots!

Surf-City, South Africa.

It makes me pretty happy, I love Durban a whole lot (I have a Durban tattoo, no jokes) and I think it's perfectly condusive to our (Durbanites') Ocean-going lifestyle as you can see. Whether it's heaving barrels for the warriors amongst us or some lapping ankle-snappers in the sun, the warm Indian Ocean always has something to offer us.

Be thankful!

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