Monday, May 28, 2012

Images in Sixty40 Isssue 15

So yesterday, Issue #15 of South Africa's longest running (online) magazine Sixty40 was released and I was pretty excited once I heard because I had submitted a few images which I thought would feature.

I flipped through the mag and was really happy to find 4 images had been run!
Three of them were run in a feature on Stephen Du Preez, local wonder-grom, frothing-surf-energiser-bunny who never stops being amped and one of my favourite riders to shoot!

The other one is NMD SA Team-rider and underrated South Coast ripper, Mark McFarlane who is also great to shoot!

Here are the 4 images in low-res, you can see them bigger and better on their website!

Stephen Du Preez - Profile
 Stephen Du Preez - South Coast Slab
 Stephen Du Preez - North Beach
 Mark McFarlane - Popping down the South Coast

Go check out the mag and show them and their sponsors some love and support!
These are the guys that are keeping things ticking over in the background!

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