Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quick Self-Portrait

So I've just wrapped up my short Beginners' Photography Course with Stephen Railton and it was fun and a great base for the actual knowledge and principles behind photography.

I mentioned assignments and shooting different odds and ends a few posts back and this last week was based in portraiture and so I thought I'd post this to show off a quick self-portrait I snapped on Monday night.
(Getting homework done the night before reminds me an awful lot of high-school)

Self-portrait - I love photography and more for myself, I love this little camera.
It is a circa-1960s Petri 7S range-finder camera which my wonderful girlfriend rescued from a friend who was throwing it away and had fully restored by Camera Clinic in Durban. It is beautiful and fully-functional and it makes me so ridiculously happy every time I see it.

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