Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Iain Campbell Smashing North Bowl with his knees.

So perspective is a wonderful and curious thing, what can appear grotesque from one angle can look sublime from another... In a far less dramatic and quasi-poetic way, the same thing from two different angles, photographers, and cameras can be quite dan interesting comparison...

The average image above, is captured from a far more interesting angle by Errol Wiles here:

It's always great to see another person's work, especially when it's a best friend. Keep an ear to the ground, because these perspective-doubles have popped up a little before and Mr.Wiles and I have discussed some potentially cool ideas with my water shots vs. his land shots so we may play with that a little more in the time to come.

Now hit that link, keep an eye on his blog and most definitely keep an eye on The Pit where we'll both be submitting our REAL crackers in the foreseeable future!

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