Saturday, September 8, 2012

Free at last...

                                                                     This old house.

For the last year almost, I have been tying up my late mothers estate and a massive part of that has been sorting out her house in New Germany. My brother and I agreed almost immediately to sell it, we're not really close, so we wouldn't want to share it and it's not in the greatest area so neither of us wanted to bond and buy the other out.

We had it painted, and sorted out a garden which was in quite a sorry state with a lot of help from friends, my wonderful girlfriend and some amazing family. We then went on show and we got it sold fairly quickly which was great, and then waited for the transfer... and waited... and waited... and so on...

Now, almost a year later after dealing with it on my own the last few months and having it rule my life, that house is long gone and I am out, having moved to Durban. Pending the proceeds landing in my account, I will be looking to buy my own home. It's a scary thought but I like to scare myself once in a while so it's pretty exciting to think I am on the verge of a future I couldn't even imagine a few months ago.

It feels great and it should free up so much of my time so hopefully I will have more time for my more creative outlets so keep your eyes peeled.

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