Thursday, November 6, 2014

Random GoPro tinkering...

 So for my recent 30th birthday I got a GoPro Hero 3 (Black Edition) from Kristie, so that is a new toy which I am starting to play with, and I am hoping to get cracking on a little video project  soon.

I also got a voucher for a few mounts/accessories, so I am currently playing with a chest-mount predominantly but I am starting to look around and find some GoPro hacks, as well as playing with my own ideas.

Here's my chest-mount view on a little ride down to the beach on my Yamaha TW200.

The first home-made GoPro hack is an extender-arm for the GoPro mounts I cut and made at work, which I made to play with in the ocean. It allows me to wear my GoPro Chesty backwards and get a cool 3rd person view whilst riding waves. Conditions weren't great for my test, but I am more or less happy with the results.

Keen to get this (with improvements) in to some real waves.

Very keen to work on some improvements, and add this angle to my arsenal, and more importantly get some fun footage in real waves.

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