Friday, December 19, 2014

DIY GoPro Bodyboard Mount - Using the GoPro Surfboard mount.

First of all, the goods, here is a quick edit of my first test this morning in very lack-lustre conditions.

Knee-hip high rollers in Durban this morning.

So the premise is this: GoPro generally sell their cameras in kits with some basic mounts suited to specific pursuits such as Surfing/Motorsport etc. 

Unfortunately, there is no Bodyboarding edition, so the bodyboard plug-mounts either made by GoPro or other manufacturers are an extra purchase, and you would have a surfboard mount lying around. This is where I found myself, but I started playing with the idea of using the surfboard mount to make a bodyboard mount at home, thus saving some cash and making use of the surfboard mount.

So I devised this little base-plate, to give the surfboard mount (and tether mount) a surface which they would adhere to.
Luckily, I could make these plates at work.
 If you like what you see and live in Durban or South Africa, let me know and I will hook you up
If you're further afield, let me know and I can send you a template and you can get them laser-cut or similar near you.

Next, I got an older board on a bed and lay on top of it figuring out where I felt was best to mount it.
I guessed at about right here because we ride predominantly rights around here, and it felt good.
Excuse my mobile phone photos.
Once I was happy I just marked the holes, drilled them out and attached the plates, with mount on top and a flat plate underneath.

This is the result, although I need to trim down the bolts a little as you can see.
Also, as a not, I used dome-capped bolts underneath which I never took a photo of as I thought they'd be more hydrodynamic.

If you have any queries or questions, let me know!
I may take some proper photos and do an instructables soon!

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