Friday, March 9, 2012

Learning heaps.

So the new set-up has been in the water twice and it's going well, I have nearly 40Gb of images to show for my two swims and some fairly good images, as well as some less good images which will be teaching me some little tricks.

I am now basically in full-on learning mode as I try to get to grips with the 7D and it's feeling good.

I've realised I am going to be getting much fitter with more training than I originally thought, if I want to be getting out there in some solid winter juice.

I'm also going to have to work on my positioning, how close to get to the riders and how deep that means I'm getting etc. It sounds fairly simple but being a bodyboarder for over a decade, my natural instinct is to get under the waves as quickly as possible and out back so I can get some more waves whereas I am now swimming around in the impact zone some of the time waiting for someone to ride by as the set of the day lands on my head (or closer than I'd like).

All that aside, I've got some cool images, submitted a few to Sixty40 and made a few guys pretty happy, hopefully I'll be shooting more tomorrow and raising the bar every swim.

First Swim:
Behind the Bend. Up close and personal at a little Slab down the South Coast.

Vincent Brandshaw on a little nugget, at the same slab, which far, far too many people know about.

 Second Swim:
Neat, not so little tube in town.

If you see a guy with a yellow lunch-box with a camera inside, say hello, be friendly and maybe you'll get some shots, and if you do, dont forget to check out: Mr.Paynter Images on Facebook to find them!

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